November 4th, 2009


Just doing my part to save the world from lack of homosexual Victorian porn. Enjoy!

The vicar smiled benevolently when he bowed towards me and said, “John Watson, repeat these words as I recite them.”

 I choose you, Mary, on this day to be my wife…”

 I felt the warm lips of Sherlock Holmes yield to mine as I pushed his dressing gown from his shoulders.

 I promise to love you and care for you with joy…”

 I smelled his sweet, powerful musk when I pressed my face into his neck.

 I shall never neglect you, but always nourish you with my love…”

 I heard his gasp when I lifted his hips and took him into my mouth.

 “…encouraging you to bloom evermore…”

 I tasted the bittersweet essence that had flooded my tongue.

 “…with blooms lovelier every year …”

 I saw the tenderness in his eyes when he pulled me to him.

 I vow to be true to you and to cherish you…”

 He had gazed at my face for a long moment before joining our lips again.

 "Every day of my life…”

 I pushed the ring onto her small finger, and thought of the delicate way in which his long, sensitive ones had traversed my back.

 The vicar turned to Mary.

 “Miss Morstan, repeat these words as I recite them.”

 I choose you this day to be my husband...”

 He had called me John.

 I promise to be your dependable helpmate…”

 I had climaxed quickly.

 “…and to love you and care for you each day the Lord gives us…”

 He had wrapped his arms tightly about my torso.

 I shall be your shade, your sanctuary…”

 I had felt my blood begin to rise yet again.

 Shall always nourish you with my love, encouraging you, John.”

 I had called his name when he brought me one final time.

 I vow to be true to you…”

 He had asked me not to leave.

 And to cherish you every day of my life.”

 Mary smiled a warm, loving smile, and slid the ring upon my finger.

 We embraced and silently wept, she for what she had gained, and I for what I had lost.