November 10th, 2009

Reckoning II

Of course, I was delighted to see Watson, for the months I had spent taking on cases by myself had been decidedly less satisfying without my friend and colleague. I am more than capable of solving crime on my own, of course, but his lamentable decision to marry and commit himself to domestic life bereft me of the only person in London with whom I shared such companionable habits.

 His sudden reappearance was not unwelcome, but it was immediately obvious that something had gone amiss in his marriage. I presumed he would indulge me when it best suited him, but after precisely one week, Watson’s pained side-glances in my direction suggested it had something to do with me. Unnerved and curious in equal measure, I finally asked him outright what had wrought his return.

 I nearly fell off my chair when he told me he was in love with me. The poor fellow became so apologetic, however, that I retained my composure in the exercise of trying to assuage him. I was confounded as to why he felt he had done me such a wrong turn when it was his wife to whom he owed the explanation. Apparently, she had been more sympathetic than surprised, and I was at least glad to know that I had been right in my estimation of her character as she wished him no harm.

 Watson had not the slightest idea as to how to proceed with someone such as myself, and while it is true that I am not renowned for the warmth of my affections, I can appreciate them in others. Moreover, I am no stranger to the mechanics of male sexuality, having spent several months of my studies at university occupied with the task of finding out whether a man can die from the results of an orgasmic fit. Such seemed to be the case with a former professor who had died under mysterious circumstances, and so I solicited the efforts of dozens of volunteers to aid me in the careful study of the muscular tics and facial features which are singular to that state.

 At first, I simply bade these men to pleasure themselves in my presence until I was compelled to lend my own hand, so to speak, in order to prolong the experience as long as possible. After about two weeks, I had become quite adept at regulating the rhythms and releases of sexual climax based on the subtle muscular changes I both saw and felt in my subjects. Once word got out that I possessed such a skill, I soon had far more volunteers than the study required, even after I had long since solved the case and moved on to other things. I spent the next year turning men of all types of sexual inclinations away from my door.

 Until Watson’s confession, I had never considered applying this skill to anything other than the scientific study of strangers, but I recognized that constrained look on his face well enough to know he had not experienced a fulfilling release in some time. I put my arms about his shoulders to offer reassurance, and led him into my bedroom. I surprised him when I opened his trousers and placed an authoritative hand around his genitals, but he raised no objections, and in fact soon seemed rather pleased with the activity.

 As I expertly worked his flesh, I couldn’t help noting that he would have made an excellent subject for my study, for not only was his impressive manhood exceptionally responsive, but his facial expressions were so widely varied as to be downright alluring. I held him at the brink for a deliciously long moment and watched his lips alternately purse and open as he gasped for air, then led him to a long, shuddering release which lasted well over a full minute. It was a beautiful sight to behold when he closed his eyes and smiled with such felicity as I had never seen upon him. When he had fully spent himself, he collapsed into my arms murmuring cries of affection and gratitude.