charlotteyonge (charlotteyonge) wrote,

The Name of Love

Mary’s body was soft and yielding as I slid gently but purposefully in and out of her wet heat. She pulled me closer to her breast and wrapped her legs around my body, squeezing me tighter, urging me deeper, her breaths coming in quick bursts, perspiration casting shimmering beads across her forehead.

 “John, John…” she mewled, and reached down to clutch at my backside.

 “Yes... just like that…” she murmured. She lazily swirled two fingers around my anus and then suddenly inserted them, bringing a resounding jolt to my core as bright sparks of pleasure crackled near the base of my spine. It was a part of my body into which she had not heretofore ventured, but the sensation was not unfamiliar to me.

 Holmes…” I cried, and pitched forward with the force of my ejaculation.


It was over.

Tags: angst, holmes/watson slash, i_mop porn challenge
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